Apr 11

Why are people complaining that Facebook bought Instagram?

Great post by the talented Courtney Boyd Myers of The Next Web. Look, I know a lot of people claim to be pissed off at Instagram and +Kevin Systrom for selling to Facebook. But let’s be real here:

1. Instagram is still a great product, and that is not changing. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are many things, but stupid is not one of them. Thus, common sense states that the new owners won’t muck with Systrom’s mojo.

2. Instagram is also a business. One of Systrom’s goals, in addition to making a great product, surely was to increase company value. Sorry, that’s the hard, capitalistic truth.

3. Important: From a fiduciary standpoint, Systrom absolutely had to seriously consider Facebook’s offer. It was his obligation as CEO and board member. Furthermore, a $1 billion valuation, or $33 per registered user, was just too good of an offer. How could any reasonable executive, responsible for shareholder value, possibly turn that down?

4. Regardless of corporate duty, at least 75% of the people out there would have sold for $1 billion, hell, maybe even 99%. So the “holier than thou” attitude should cease.

In my opinion, the most logical reason that people have to complain is Facebook’s historical wanton disregard for privacy. But honestly, if you were posting Instagram pics publicly anyway … what’s the big deal?

Like Courtney said: will you stop drinking Odwalla because Coke owns it? Will you never eat another Chipotle burrito, knowing that those pink meat slime bastards at McDonalds once owned the company?

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