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Dec 07

Elder’s Will: Wednesday Excerpt #3

Here is the third entry in my continuing series of excerpts from my epic fantasy novel, ELDER’S WILL. For the first and second installments, click here and here. * Evening had set in, a gray sheen of fading light replacing the brilliant orange glow on my windowsill, when I heard the first sound. It was a series …

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Sep 21

The Edge of the Earth: A 400-Word Sci-Fi Short Story

My house resides at the edge of the Earth. At the corner of ruin and strife. At the intersection of alone and scared. The world ended two years ago. A massive viral contagion culled ninety-five percent of our population. For those fortunate souls, death was swift. Those who survived because of a mysterious immunity were …

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Aug 10

Finding Humor in Less Than 350 Words

This is my response to a contest hosted by ex-agent and current author Nathan Bransford. On his blog, he is soliciting “hilarious” entries that are 350 words or less. Not just humorous. Hilarious! As if the bar wasn’t already high enough — writing humor is, in my opinion, the hardest task for a writer. Here is my …

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