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Nov 09

Memoir Tree: First Phase of Beta Complete!

After approximately one and a half weeks’ worth of testing, we’ve wrapped the first phase of our Memoir Tree private beta. First, a massive “thank you” to our early testers. The experience was an incredible first look of our product “in the wild,” and in our opinion, it couldn’t have gone any better. We met …

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Oct 31

Halloween Memories: The Story Behind a Pumpkin

This photo, to some extent, speaks for itself. It’s Scooby Doo on a pumpkin! But there’s more behind it. This is, by far, the most proud I’ve ever been of a pumpkin. How did it come out this way? October 29. Normally, we’re all gearing up for Halloween by decorating the house, getting the kids’ …

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Oct 17

Family Histories: The Challenge and Importance

In┬áthis article over on CNN, managing editor Mark Whitaker explores the importance of unearthing and transcribing one’s family history. He underscores the occasional need to “dig deep” in order to find the full story. For Mark, his history in journalism proved to be an important skill for his effort. He used research to further his …

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Oct 14

Memoir Tree Private Beta

Over the past several months, some of you may have stumbled across our Memoir Tree website at www.memoirtree.com. A few of you may even have signed up to be notified about our beta. I am excited to announce that, after countless hours of development and improvement, the time is here. Next week, Memoir Tree will …

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