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Elder’s Will

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Word Count: 200,000

Status: Seeking Representation


Eric Chadwick is the top scholar at a prestigious university when an otherworldly attack imperils his world and threatens his life. Unbeknownst to Eric, a mysterious gift has made him an unwilling pawn in this conflict that challenges his scientific reality. Normally logical and reticent, Eric acts bravely to save himself and his only friend from the deadly ambush. The two escape death, but in the process are mysteriously transported to a harsh world called the Birth Land.

When Eric arrives, the gift has gone missing. To recapture it, his only hope appears to be aligning with Birth Landers who claim they can defeat the dangerous sorceress who threatens Eric’s homeland. His home at risk, his family in danger, and desperate to find answers, Eric attempts to assimilate into this rugged culture. Under the guidance of a roughened tracker, a one-eyed berserker, and magical beasts called elders, Eric must endure physical labor, train to defend himself, and learn to harness a nascent extra-sensory talent that may always have been a part of him.