Dec 13

Memories Tuesday: The Ford F-Series

At Memoir Tree, we want to make sure that we not only provide you with a fun and easy way to record your family stories, but also help spur more memories so that you can find some of those neat anecdotes that are hidden away. That’s why we’d like to introduce Memories Tuesday. On Memories Tuesday, we will post about various topics that may (or may not) remind you of an old memory.


For me, cars are one of those things that always spur memories. Whether it’s my first car (a 1992 Ford Thunderbird), my dream car (Aston Martin DB9), my muscle car (Ford Fairlane), or any other beautiful vehicle … the memories always seem to flow.

The Ford F series is among the most popular model lines of all time. It began in 1948 as the Ford Bonus-Built, and as you can see, incorporated a lot of design elements that were both stark and modern for the time. The shape and size changed tremendously over the next sixty-plus years, but its popularity never waned.

My wife’s grandfather has a tenth gen F-350, and I’ve used that bad boy for many a job. Moving a piano, moving an entire dining room set, hauling rocks and dirt, you name it. It’s served the family well for over ten years.

Does anyone else have some old car memories?

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