Oct 09

Top American CEOs of All Time

Steve Jobs and Andrew Carnegie

For better or worse, we Americans are obsessed with ranking. This is one of the reasons why hundreds of “Where do we rank Steve Jobs?” articles have popped up since his passing. While changing times make it impossible to rank CEOs effectively, this is an interesting concept to consider.

Off the top of my head, here is my take at a list of the most influential CEOs of all time. Please note that almost all of the Executers are also Visionaries, and obviously, vice versa. For example, Rockefeller and Walton changed the world. However, I bucketed them in this way because, in my opinion, this is how they are/were best known — plus,Visionaries in this case refer to individuals who invented or designed something truly marvelous.

When you look at this list, it’s sort of difficult to consider where to “rank” Steve Jobs. I’d put him in the top fifteen, perhaps even top ten.

Who am I missing?

Henry Ford
Walt Disney
Steve Jobs
Edwin Lam (Polaroid)
Jeff Bezos

John D. Rockefeller
Sam Walton
Warren Buffett
Ray Kroc
Bill Gates
Thomas Watson (IBM)
Alfred Sloan (GM)
Lee Iacocca (Chrysler)
Rupert Murdoch
Joseph Wilson (Xerox)
Jack Welch

Philanthropist CEOs:
Andrew Carnegie
John Pierpont Morgan

Celebrity CEOs:
Sir Richard Branson
Oprah Winfrey

Thomas Edison

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