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Name: Allan Petersen
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* Co-Founder of Memoir Tree, a family memory curation product. I am focused on business development, marketing, and finance * A member of the production team for Dead Man's Burden, an independent western produced by Stick! Pictures and award-winning filmmaker Jared Moshé * A fantasy novel writer seeking representation (Elder's Will + follow-up novel) * A short story writer with a focus on fantasy and science fiction (Tumblr) * ...and an occasional exhausted Mr. Mom and home chef.

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Jun 27

NY Times: Private Equity-Owned Companies Liquidate Less

In the court of public opinion, private equity firms are painted as hack n’ slashers who are likely to pull the plug on companies when the going gets tough. Hold the phone: that’s not true, according to a Moody’s report (reported by the New York Times) that studied one thousand struggling companies since 1988. In …

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Jun 18

The best rage comic ever?

I say yes! Click on it for its full glory.  

May 10

Dale Hunter’s Washington Capitals are ALWAYS ready

And here’s proof: Dale Hunter is a shocking 6-0 after a loss in the 2011-2012 playoffs. It took Bruce Boudreau four playoff seasons and six playoff rounds to reach 6 wins after a loss … against 10 consecutive losses! Sure, a lot of the credit has to go to Darth Holtby, who is the most …

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May 06

Dead Man’s Burden: Selected for the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival!

It’s official: the highly anticipated independent western film Dead Man’s Burden, written and directed by Jared Moshé, will world premiere at the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival in June. (from the film’s Synopsis) The year is 1870, and a fragmented America still strains to pick up the pieces from a savage Civil War. Martha (exciting newcomer Clare Bowen) and …

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Apr 30

Has North American/European E-sports Reached an Inflection Point?

Has North American/European e-sports reached an inflection point? Based on some of the numbers coming out of online viewing for DreamHack, I’d argue yes. E-sports has always been a polarizing curiosity. To detractors, it’s another failed attempt for turbo nerds to legitimize their hours of playtime. These detractors support their claims by pointing to tiny North American …

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Apr 11

Why are people complaining that Facebook bought Instagram?

Great post by the talented Courtney Boyd Myers of The Next Web. Look, I know a lot of people claim to be pissed off at Instagram and +Kevin Systrom for selling to Facebook. But let’s be real here: 1. Instagram is still a great product, and that is not changing. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are many things, but stupid is …

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Apr 06

It’s … FRIDAY!

I know all of you who work in an office have a colleague like this:

Mar 29

Official Memoir Tree Launch!

Please join me in congratulating Jed Lau (Ironport, Meraki, Cisco, UNC Tar Heel, and St. Albans Bulldog) on the launch of his company, Memoir Tree. Memoir Tree is an app/website that helps users tell, record, and share their important life moments and stories. Think of it as digital storytelling. I have all the respect in the world …

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Mar 16

Iceland: Jewel of the North

I love Iceland. I’ve been fortunate to have visited twice. I’ve seen the astonishing, alien-like terrain; the beautiful glacial vistas; the serene, relaxing hot springs; and the hip, vibrant capital city of Reykjavik. Shockingly, it’s only a 4.5 hour flight from Boston — very doable for a long weekend. One of the most interesting facets …

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Mar 13

Admission of Collusion in Professional Sports

NFL fans, have you been following the recently imposed salary cap fines on the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins? Apparently, because of actions taken during 2010 — the uncapped year in between CBA negotiations — the league will be docking the Cowboys $10 million of salary cap room, and the Redskins $36 million of salary cap room. …

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