Oct 23

About the Memoir Tree Beta Test

At Memoir Tree (www.memoirtree.com), our vision is to help families tell, record, and share their treasured family stories. Whether through interview tools, or by attaching narrated audio stories to photos, we hope to provide an easy and secure way to preserve family memories with all current and future generations. We want to help you capture your grandmother’s childhood tales; or your father’s war stories; or your own treasured high school memories; or your child’s first wobbly steps; or your granddaughter’s first words. And because we know that time is something none of us have, we want to make the process fast, simple, and fun. We’ve begun by creating an iPhone app with a website component.

Hopefully this sounds like something that you’d like to beta test. Testers represent the lifeblood of technology development. You’re the ones who discover bugs, teach us more about our own users, and provide us with feedback for feature removal or addition. Because of your importance, and also because of the small amount of work involved, everyone selected to be a beta tester becomes a premium user for free, forever. Plus, you’ll have our eternal gratitude.

Unfortunately, we cannot include everyone in our beta program. As this is structured as a private beta, we have only 100 slots to fill. However, we do have some room available, so please let us know as soon as possible and we can try to squeeze you in!Here’s what we ask for from our beta testers:

  1. Own or have access to an iPhone or later-generation iPod Touch
  2. Desire to capture some sort of family/personal stories OR a desire to try to debug the app
  3. Ability to use the app for thirty minutes a week for four weeks, preferably (but not necessary) to obtain someone else’s stories
  4. Willingness to do one scheduled phone call per week, at a time that works for you, each about 15 minutes or less, with additional unscheduled emails/calls only as necessary (e.g., need help or want to share ideas)
  5. Blunt delivery of feedback. If something is confusing, broken or missing, that’s our fault and we need to hear about it.

To sign up, either visit our contact page at this link, or send me an email to my personal account at ap@memoirtree.com.

For instructions on how to find your UDID (unique device identifier) so that we can include you in the beta, click here.

For more details on what to do when you are selected for the beta, click here.

Thank you so much for your interest in Memoir Tree. We hope that you choose to join our community of storytellers!

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