Monthly Archive: November 2011

Nov 25

Black Friday Preparation

As I prepare to bite the bullet and brave the Black Friday crowds, I will use a handful of quotes to inspire me. One from entrepreneurship, another from writing, and a last from film. Eric Ries, entrepreneur and proponent of lean startups: “The hard part is to figure out the fewest possible features that could …

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Nov 16

Elder’s Will: Wednesday Excerpt #2

Here is the second entry in my continuing series of excerpts from my epic fantasy novel, ELDER’S WILL. I hope you enjoy it! *      I had made one friend at the University, and Nick Larsen was it. Temper aside, he was brilliant. He earned acceptance to the University not because he cared, but …

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Nov 11

Remembering Veteran’s Day

I do not have any close family who served in the United States military. I have a handful of friends who are serving, or who have served, but that is the extent of my relationship with this important day. I do know how involved my friends have been during their service in the Army, Navy, …

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Nov 10

Independent Western in Cruise Control

Movie fans, get excited! Stuff is happening on Jared Moshé’s independent western in rapid fire succession: We settled on a title (announcement coming soon!) We’re up on IMDb, under our original working title A rough-cut with original score is in to Sundance!! (THANK YOU to Sundance for keeping their window open for us for an …

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Nov 09

Memoir Tree: First Phase of Beta Complete!

After approximately one and a half weeks’ worth of testing, we’ve wrapped the first phase of our Memoir Tree private beta. First, a massive “thank you” to our early testers. The experience was an incredible first look of our product “in the wild,” and in our opinion, it couldn’t have gone any better. We met …

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