Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 31

Halloween Memories: The Story Behind a Pumpkin

This photo, to some extent, speaks for itself. It’s Scooby Doo on a pumpkin! But there’s more behind it. This is, by far, the most proud I’ve ever been of a pumpkin. How did it come out this way? October 29. Normally, we’re all gearing up for Halloween by decorating the house, getting the kids’ …

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Oct 28

Ever thought about being an iPhone beta tester?

Here’s a few pieces of advice I’d give to folks interested in being beta testers, having just begun beta testing for my own company. First off, why be a beta tester? Well, beta testing can be an awesome glimpse into the world of disruption and innovation. It can be a great way to meet bright …

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Oct 26

Elder’s Will: Wednesday Excerpt

I’m beginning a new series of blog posts. Rather than my usual musings, instead I will post a short excerpt from the novel on every Wednesday from now until, well, until I run out of things to post, I guess. Hopefully this book will be published by then! Without further ado: Here is a scene …

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Oct 23

About the Memoir Tree Beta Test

At Memoir Tree (, our vision is to help families tell, record, and share their treasured family stories. Whether through interview tools, or by attaching narrated audio stories to photos, we hope to provide an easy and secure way to preserve family memories with all current and future generations. We want to help you capture your …

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Oct 17

Family Histories: The Challenge and Importance

In this article over on CNN, managing editor Mark Whitaker explores the importance of unearthing and transcribing one’s family history. He underscores the occasional need to “dig deep” in order to find the full story. For Mark, his history in journalism proved to be an important skill for his effort. He used research to further his …

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Oct 16

Thoughts from the Boston Book Festival

Brief thoughts on the Boston Book Festival. It was a nice event, and a great service (it’s free), though in turn it was very crowded. In my opinion, only two of the four sessions that I attended would have been worth paying for: Alone Together, a session that explored the threat to “togetherness” from ubiquitous …

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Oct 14

Memoir Tree Private Beta

Over the past several months, some of you may have stumbled across our Memoir Tree website at A few of you may even have signed up to be notified about our beta. I am excited to announce that, after countless hours of development and improvement, the time is here. Next week, Memoir Tree will …

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Oct 02

Herd Mentality on the Social Network Horizon

Summary: Facebook and Google+ are different services, but both will suffer from Streams overloaded by the most popular users. Though their solutions to this issue have subtle differences, the ways in which we fill our Streams in the first place are the same. * The inestimable MG Siegler (Google+, Facebook) raises an interesting point in his recent …

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