Monthly Archive: September 2011

Sep 23

The New Facebook: Good in Theory. Scary in Practice.

Facebook is trying to become me. That’s a neat idea, because it saves me time that I don’t have. That’s a horribly frightening idea, because an algorithm is trying to approximate my thought processes. My personality is what it is because of its quirks. How will Facebook’s algorithm calculate that? Here’s what I mean: previously, I …

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Sep 21

The Edge of the Earth: A 400-Word Sci-Fi Short Story

My house resides at the edge of the Earth. At the corner of ruin and strife. At the intersection of alone and scared. The world ended two years ago. A massive viral contagion culled ninety-five percent of our population. For those fortunate souls, death was swift. Those who survived because of a mysterious immunity were …

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Sep 19

A Yesteryear Analogy for Today’s Social Networks

Twitter: You stand on a soapbox and hand out an assortment of different fliers to every passerby, in order to raise awareness for your cause. Some people pass the fliers along. Most ignore you, especially if your fliers have a ton of meaningless keywords. Facebook: You host a private party with your friends and family …

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Sep 14

On Writing and Startups: One and the Same?

    This article written by Molly Barton got me thinking. Her argument — crowdsourced feedback as a means to mainstream success — smells a lot like a mashup of beta testing and startup incubation to me. Ms. Barton suggests that old-fashioned campfire storytelling led to rapid innovation and improvement on storytelling as a whole. Can we not replicate that …

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Sep 07

Thoughts on agent rejection; Issues affecting the evolving publishing market

Summary: I challenge the theories presented by two respected agents this morning. First, authors should expect to feel the sting of rejection; we need to overcome that. Second, agents need to examine their place in the changing publishing marketplace: the days of cherry picking publish-ready clients may be ending. * This morning, two blog posts …

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